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Oral Meso, functions similarly to the injected mesotherapy. Natural elements leads to body fat deposits to dissolve them and then to eliminate them through the organism. This, together with natural extracts and bioenergy Oral Meso elements that eliminate dissolved fats, recuden stress and anxiety eating, factors that are critical in having a proper weight reduction; They are the basis of the new Meso Mesoterapia Oral or third generation. Like the meso therapy injected is enhanced by the combination of supplements such as flat abs or different shape if you want to lose 25-30 pounds in a month, or if you want lower area of ​​the abdomen, arms, chin, making loss 12-15 pounds.

How does it work?

Mesotherapy acts through a three step process comprising:

1-LOCATION OF FATS - The active substances of Meso Oral they are absorbed into the bloodstream and taken to the main centers of accumulation of adipose tissue.

2-DISSOLUTION OF FATS - Perform the dissolution of the centers of accumulation of fatty tissue, so they can be eliminated from the body.

3-elimination of fat - Once fats are dissolved, these are eliminated in two ways. A part is eliminated via urine, therefore it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids during the process; and another part of fats are burned by the body, in a process called "lipolysis". For lipolysis is performed is important to adjust the power according to the recommendations of eating plan that accompanies the treatment.

How to use

It is used by weight, taken twice a day for 15-20 mnts before breakfast and before 4:00 pm. (Only to be diluted in water) begins by weighing yourself, look at the table shows the number of drops as your weight and take a 4 oz glass of water.


Less than 110 Lb. 16 drops

111-120 lbs. 20 Drops

121-130 lbs. 22 Drops

131-140 lbs. 24 Drops

141-150 lbs. 26 Drops

151-160 lbs. 28 Drops

161-170 lbs. 30 Drops

171-180 lbs. 32 Drops

181-190 lbs. 34 Drops

191-200 lbs. 36 Drops

Over 200 lbs 38 Drops

You snacks

You will be provided from the diet Body Beautiful

Can I take it with other drugs?

Oral Meso is a natural product and has no contraindications or adverse effects on the body. Only caution is advised if you are pregnant, nursing or if under 18


Having diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension Can I take it?

The Meso Oral help in the process of synthesis of insulin producing lipolysis (fat burning)

Also by eliminating anxiety, fat and sugar intake will help normalize cholesterol levels, blood sugar and blood pressure. We caution, only if patients suffering from pressure not take medication for that condition, in people with hypothyroidism or psychiatric treatment.

Do I have to exercise?

One of the main causes of overweight is a sedentary lifestyle, so it is recommended that

everyone incorporate into your daily routine, exercises that allow you to maintain good health and accelerate the process of removing fat through lipolysis.

Do I have to diet?

When dealing with Meso Oral not talk about diet, we prefer to refer to an eating plan that includes a regular habit, allowing the body not to eat more fat than it can eliminate. With Oral Meso you could implement a new eating habit because it will not suffer from food cravings.


1 Artichoke promotes digestion of fats and works as a natural diuretic. Excellent to fight cellulite

2 Ponytail = horsetail is one of the most diuretic, besides having a great capacity to remove body water species.

3 Yoco = favors and help people suffering from hypertension, also take away the stress and anxiety of eating.

4 Guarana contains a minimum dose of caffeine, which results in increased energy.

5-Eggplant (Aubergine) Helps eliminate fat eaten in the same meal as the products of digestion are combined with fats and prevent completely absorbed. Aside from having antioxidant cells against oxidative damage.


It is recommended to start by eating half the dose in the first week, that if you have never used weight control products. The diet should be rich in protein such as chicken, turkey, salads and eat foods high in omega 3, such as salmon, tilapia and tuna. Do not eat fruits or cereals at night.

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