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Beautiful Intimate Bleaching

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Serum specially creates for skin care in intimate areas, with natural whitening agents only such as kojic acid, alpha-arbutin, bearberry extract. Clarifying the intimate areas or darker pigmented intimate areas, such as:

• Bikini

• Among legs

• Armpits

• Grooves bust

• Anal Area

• Navel

Beautiful Intimate Bleaching only uses high-efficiency natural agents that inhibit the production of melanin, clarifying the treated area. It does not contain Hydroquinone bleaching agent.

Bleaching agents clarify these dark areas temporarily effective, but exposure to ultraviolet rays causes darkening again. For this reason you should avoid sun exposure of the treated areas. But these intimate areas such as underarms, between legs and anal area; generally are not exposure to sunlight (in most cases)

Is it safe?

Beautiful Intimate Bleaching is very safe, as their natural agents do not cause any harm or irritation to these intimate areas. Having no hydroquinone, does not affect collagen fibers which causes skin sensitivity

You should whiten your intimate areas?

As with any cosmetic treatment, there are risks that may or may not outweigh the potential benefits. You should consult your doctor before attempting to whiten your intimate areas if you suspect that you have any skin condition or visiting a beauty salon that provides the service. Some anal bleaching or pubic bleaching kits must announce their safety rules, but there are risks with long-term exposure to any chemical, especially those known as carcinogens.