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Cellu Go pastilla, Cellu Go gel y Flat Abs

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Cellu Go- Pills

Innovative formula created to fight cellulite or orange skin and poor circulation. Its active ingredients act directly on the micro-circulatory and fluid accumulation in fatty tissue, ensuring drainage of these fluids.  This natural supplement also contributes to the elimination of other symptoms associated with cellulite, such as fluid retention, muscle contractions (cramps) and pains. Restore blood flow, accelerating the metabolic activity to burn fat stored in areas prone to cellulite.

This combination has a direct effect on improving local circulation, helps reduce varicose veins risk  and provides protection to the tissues. It also reduces fluid retention (swelling of legs) and contributes to the localized fat reduction.


• Blood circulation Improves.

• Relieves night cramps and pain.

• Stimulates fat metabolism

• Break the compacted fat and removes

• Improve fluid retention

Cellu Go gel

Reducing gel with seaweed that promotes inch loss and thinning. sculpt the body and helps to fade the accumulated fat.

How does it work:
• Reduce the amount of fat in the abdomen, legs, buttocks and arm
• Reduce cellulite deposits
• Clears and invigorates tissues, achieving a renewed, firm and hydrated

How to use:
Twice a day, morning and evening. Apply to the desired areas massaging the skin until fully absorbed.

Water, Green tea extract, Carbomer 940, Arnica montana, Aeculus hippocastanum, Hydrocotile horsetail extract, Algae extract, Hedera Helix, Ilex paraguariensis.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Flat ABS

Is a high-technology product features a super thermogenic driver, With its unique system of six channels or adjusting the serotonin in the blood, adjusting the nervous system, the metabolism of fats in a bidirectional rate, improving the capacity of convert  body fat in energy, penetrating the fat cells and breaking it. Has the ability to completely convert the subcutaneous fat from specific areas such as waist, arms, neck, and intestinal fat. Achieving for reduce tummy fat, waist fat and jowl fat. Eliminate toxin, hydrolyze lipid and Lose weight in a healthily way. It is proved by functional test that this product has the function of weight lose and reduce the fat on waist, lower rate of body fat.

• Reduce abdominal, arms and chin fat.

• Provides toning effect

• Eliminates abdominal fat percentage

• Eliminates fat tissue build up caused by inadequate nutrition.

• Excellent supplement to reduce postpartum abdominal obesity

• Promotes bowel cleansing.

 Flat ABS is like a combination of six products in one. That why it’s a unique formula!

1. Oxidation to energy release

2. Control Fat storage in body

3.  Avoid Bulimia (excessive hunger disorder)

4.  Fat Hydrolyser

5.   Prevents fats conversion

6.   Losing weight healthily

Usage and Dosage: Once a day, one capsule with breakfast

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